Angled Pitot Tube Cover

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Great for most angled pitot tubes including Cessna, Beechcraft and many others. The bright orange and yellow make it hard to miss, the Velcro is sewn on so the cover won’t be lost.

This durable, weather-resistant orange and yellow reflective cover fits virtually any size pitot tube. It stands out in daylight or darkness under all weather conditions, so it can’t be missed. Large sewn-on Velcro tabs keep it securely in place under all conditions.

Item #PSGAPTC0707
The length of the tube must not exceed 6.75” and the diameter must not exceed 7/8”. If it does, our Universal Pitot tube cover would be a better choice. The covers fit all Beechcraft, Cirrus, Diamond, Grumman, Cessna and other aircraft equipped with angled pitot tubes. Reflective is 8.75” long.

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