When you visit our web site, our web server will recognize your Internet service provider, browser and location. This visitor information allows us to make our site work better for you, but just visiting our website will not provide a record of your individual email address. We will not have a record of your email address until you provide it for our use.

When ordering or subscribing to our e-mail list customers provide the company with certain information such as name, address, telephone number, etc. This information is necessary to process an order. A customer’s telephone number is used when we have a question about the order. It may also be used by a delivery service if there is a question about delivery. With express or expedited shipments we will also share your e-mail address with the courier/postal service to provide shipment updates to you. For its own use Redfab Inc. retains information about transactions with customers. If you selected to subscribe to our e-mail list upon registering, from time to time we may send emails announcing new items or promotions that we believe to be of interest.

Telephone numbers, email addresses and credit card numbers are only released if there is a court order or to law enforcement agencies if requested. With web orders, that information is kept on our web server for only a brief time before it is transferred to our credit card processor, and not stored in our system. However, your name and address is stored on our web server so it will be available when you login to your account with your user name and password.