RR1518-O 3×18″ Red-Orange Remove Before Flight Flag

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The Plane Sights RR1518-O is a standout 3×18″ red-orange reflective “Remove-Before-Flight” banner, prominently featuring white text for enhanced visibility. Tailored for medium to long-range business jets, this banner secures gear pins and serves as a high-visibility replacement for standard remove-before-flight flags. Uniquely crafted from UV-resistant microprismatic reflective material, the Plane Sights banner boasts unparalleled brilliance and durability. Its PVC construction ensures easy cleaning from landing gear grease using just mild soap and water.

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This banner is indispensable for critical, cannot-forget items such as gear pins, and turning linkage disconnects. Elevate safety and professionalism by integrating these highly visible remove-before-flight flags into your operations, avoiding potential mishaps and showcasing a commitment to safety and excellence. Choose Plane Sights to distinguish your approach to operational security and client safety.


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