About Us​

  • AS9100 D / ISO9001:2015 Certified – Nov 25, 2019 Certificate #FM 775719 (Download HERE)

Plane Sights is a line of durable reflective flags, tags, pitot tube covers, static wick covers and lockout tags by parent company Redfab Inc.

We love working with aircraft engineers to design brighter and more durable landing gear tags that meet National Aerospace Standards. We also love working with industrial process engineers to design lockout tags to integrate with advanced/energized lockout systems.

Founded in 2005, Redfab Inc. is primarily invested in the manufacturing of specialized aircraft GSE parts distributed through pilot supply retailers, aircraft parts retailers and Aircraft OEMs –channels that encompass almost 500 retail locations throughout the globe.

Items listed on planesights.com are protected by various patents owned or licenced by Redfab Inc. and others that are not listed may be pending

  • US Patent # US20080017098A1 – Aircraft Extremity Marker
  • US/CA Patent # US20160247421A1 / CA163579S Lockout Tag
  • US Patent # US 807961S1 – Lockout Tag
  • Patent# US8950775B2
  • Canadian Patent# 2,921,447
  • United States Application No.: 17/794,075 
  • European Patent Application No.: 21 743 833.2
  • Brazilian Patent Application No.: 1120220143222
  • Canadian Patent Application No.: 3,168,598

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