3×20″ Flashflag R2030R

USD $22.95

The 3×20″ R2030R FLASHFLAG rises above the standard with its advanced RED MIL-PRF-20696 fabric and fire-retardant 1/2″ reflective vertical strips, ensuring unmatched durability and visibility. Engineered to surpass NAS-1756 / NAS-1091 specifications, it features a 3/8” ID zinc-coated grommet and ultraviolet-stable printing that maintains color and integrity. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by a two-year guarantee.

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Unlike competitors’ cotton/polyester flags, our FLASHFLAG offers superior abrasion resistance and withstands harsh conditions without fading. Choose the durable, safe option for your “remove before flight” needs with FLASHFLAG BY PLANE SIGHTS. Contact us for customizations to meet your exact technical requirements.


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